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Blueberry Facts

  • blueberries can strengthen eyesight.  by preventing degeneration in the eye muscles and improving vision.(1)   
  • blueberries may lower risk of cancer. Blueberries contain gallic acid which is known for having the ability to kill certain cancer cells.(1)
  • blueberries may prevent heart disease.  They are a good source of dietary fiber which helps reduce the chance of heart attacks by up to 33 percent.(1, 3)
  • blueberries are simply good for you.  They are high in Vitamin C and manganese.  The combination of these nutritional components help with the growth & development of tissues which promotes wound healing and the body's ability to process cholesterol & other nutrients. Let's not forget blueberries have a high level of antioxidants that help repair DNA damage and combats aging.(1-4)



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